Radiator Installation

Basingstoke Radiator Installation & Replacement

“In a regular gas heating system, you need a few parts to spread warmth throughout your home. The radiator is the final piece that makes sure you stay cozy. It should work well to do its job properly. Radiators can last a long time, but getting them installed and fixed by experts is very important.”


Need a new radiator? Call 07740 874 614 now for quick and professional radiator installation and replacement services in Basingstoke. Your radiator is important for keeping your home warm, so don’t wait to get it fixed.

Radiator Installation Replacement

Common Radiator Issues

  • Radiators not heating up properly
  • Air trapped in the radiator, causing cold spots
  • Noisy or gurgling sounds from the radiator
  • Rust or corrosion on the radiator
  • Leaking radiator valves
  • Radiators not staying warm consistently
  • Uneven heating in different rooms
  • Radiators wobbling or not securely attached
  • Loss of pressure in the heating system
  • Radiator leaks or water pooling around the radiator

Professional Replacement Or DIY?

When it comes to your home heating system, the radiators are among the easiest parts to put in, but most folks still prefer to get a professional’s help. If you’re one of those people, find a service provider with lots of experience in heating systems and radiators.

If you need a new system, we can help with installing, fixing, replacing, tuning up, or completely upgrading any type of central heating radiator. This includes old-fashioned cast iron ones and their modern versions, stylish models that also warm up your space, and bathroom towel radiators that keep you cozy after a shower.

Pipe work for Worcester 4000 combi boiler

Why Choose Us

When it comes to getting new radiators or replacing old ones, you should pick us – K B Plumbing & Heating. We’re the experts in heating in Basingstoke. Our team is made up of skilled and professional heating experts. We’re here to make sure your home stays warm and comfy all year long.

We stand out because we have a really great team. We have skilled and profession team and know what they’re doing, so when we work on your radiators, we do it perfectly. Whether you’re changing old radiators to save energy or need brand-new ones, we can do it for you.

What’s special about us is that we give you a customized experience. We know every home is different, and everyone has their own heating needs. We take the time to figure out what you need and suggest the best radiators that fit your budget and lifestyle. We know a lot about both traditional and modern heating systems, so we have lots of options for you.

We also care about being fast and dependable. We finish our work on time, and our radiators last a long time. We use really good materials and do our work the best way possible.