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If you are looking for an independent gas engineer in Basingstoke, or struggling to find a "reliable heating engineer near me" your search ends here. K B Plumbing & Heating provides the best experts who specialize in setting up, fixing, and maintaining gas appliances and systems. These professionals ensure that devices like boilers, heaters, and cookers work safely and effectively. Our engineers do tasks such as installing new gas lines, checking existing systems for safety, fixing gas leaks or problems, and advising on energy efficiency. Gas engineers are important for keeping homes and businesses safe when using gas appliances. Our certified heating engineers aim to provide expert plumbing & gas boiler service and make your home safe and warm. 

Gas Installations: Top Gas Engineer Basinstoke

We have skilled Gas Safe registered engineers with extensive experience in installing various gas appliances. For the safe setup and functioning of your gas devices, it’s recommended to contact our expert gas engineers. We take pride in serving numerous customers in Basingstoke and nearby areas, providing fast, efficient, and secure gas installations. Our service is designed to meet our customer’s needs conveniently. Feel free to reach out to our gas engineers in Basingstoke today for more information.

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Boiler Repair

Gas Boiler Servicing

We are team of best gas engineers in Basingstoke and nearby areas and our experts service boilers to keep them safe and working well. Regular maintenance helps avoid repairs. Getting your gas boiler serviced every year is crucial. It makes your boiler work better, saving energy and saving bills. Call our team today to benefit from our thorough servicing solutions.

Gas Appliance Breakdowns

If something goes wrong with your gas appliance, it’s crucial to contact our gas engineers for repairs right away. It’s not only about convenience but also about keeping you safe! Our team of gas engineers will quickly respond to fix any issues with your gas appliances, ensuring fast and efficient repairs and making sure your home is protected from possible gas leaks. We offer a 24/7 emergency service, so feel free to call us anytime you need repairs.

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Gas Safe

Landlord Gas Safety services

If you are a landlord of a tenanted residential or commercial property, it’s crucial to secure a Gas Safe certificate for all gas appliances, including your gas boiler. Complying with legal obligations not only avoids fines up to £6,000 per item and possible imprisonment but also ensures the safety of your tenants. Regular gas safety checks prevent health risks like fires, explosions, and Carbon Monoxide poisoning, safeguarding both your property and your tenants’ well-being.


Our Main Services

Emergency Gas Leaks

Central Heating

Gas Boiler Services

Boiler Repairs

Radiator installation

Landlord Gas Safety Check


Our Recent work.

Our Gas Boiler And Heating Services

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Here are the list of services includes:

  • Annual boiler servicing
  • Boiler breakdown and repair
  • New boiler appliance installation
  • Radiator installs & repairs
  • Underfloor heating installation
  • Gas safety certificates
  • Radiator power flushing
  • hot water or heating problems
  • Leak detection & restoring system pressure

What's included in the Gas Safety inspection?

A Gas Safety inspection, also called a Gas Safety Check, involves a detailed review of gas appliances, installations, and fittings to ensure they are safe and meet regulations. Here’s what a typical Gas Safety inspection includes:

Appliance Check:

Inspecting all gas appliances (like boilers, stoves, and water heaters) to ensure they work properly and safely.
Checking for any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration.
Making sure appliances have enough ventilation and burn gas correctly.

Gas Pipework:

Inspecting the condition of gas pipes.
Checking for leaks using proper testing methods.
Ensuring the gas pressure is correct.

Safety Devices:

Testing safety devices, such as flame failure devices and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure they work properly and are in the right place.

Flue and Chimney:

Checking the flue or chimney for blockages and making sure they safely remove combustion products like carbon monoxide.
Ensuring the flue or chimney is properly installed and in good condition.


Ensuring there is enough ventilation for gas appliances.
Checking that vents are not blocked and meet safety standards.

Gas Meter and Regulator:

Inspecting the gas meter and regulator to ensure they function properly and are correctly positioned and accessible.

Safety Certification:

Providing a Gas Safety Record or Certificate after the inspection, detailing the findings.
Noting any issues that need fixing and any recommended actions.

Compliance with Regulations:

Ensuring all gas installations and appliances comply with current gas safety regulations and standards.
These checks help identify hazards such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide risks, and fire hazards, ensuring the safety of everyone in the property. Regular inspections are crucial, especially for landlords who are legally required to conduct annual Gas Safety inspections for rental properties.



Can a gas engineer wire up a boiler?

To fix a gas boiler, you need to get help from a Gas Safe engineer. Find the best local gas boiler engineers near you through our simple online search. They'll quickly get your boiler working again.

How much do gas engineers charge for boiler service?

Getting your gas boiler serviced usually costs between £100 to £150. Sometimes, the heating engineer will also check and service other gas appliances in your home at the same time.

How long does it take a gas engineer to service a boiler?

Typically, servicing most gas boilers requires approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. For newer boilers, the servicing time can be as quick as 30 minutes. Gas boilers, especially older ones, may necessitate a slightly longer servicing period, ranging from 1 to 2 hours. It is advisable to schedule regular boiler servicing as it contributes to optimal performance and ensures long-term safety.