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Get your boiler serviced only starting from £75, NO CALL CALL OUT CHARGES!

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Reliable Boiler Service: Heating Engineer Basingstoke

Make sure your home stays warm all year with our Gas Boiler Service in Basingstoke. Our skilled heating engineer will check and fix your boiler to keep it working safely and efficiently. We have lots of experience and always do a great job. You can rely on us to make sure your heating works perfectly, so you can enjoy a relaxing winter without any problems. Get in touch today for top-notch service you can trust.

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Why Annual Boiler Service?

Keep your boiler in good condition all year round with an annual service from K B Plumbing & Heating. We’re the top boiler service in Basingstoke and nearby, offering complete heating solutions. Our service goes beyond just checking your boiler. We perform tasks such as bleeding radiator issues, check for leaks, and give you a free corrosion inhibitor to prevent future problems. Unlike others, we include these extras in our service without extra charges.

Schedule today for boiler service and make your home safe and warm.

Why Choose K B Plumbing & Heating​

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1 hour response time

Gas safe registered

Comprehensive solutions

No Call Out charges

Fairly priced & value for money

Boiler Installation

New Boiler Installations

At K B Plumbing and Heating, we can help you if your old boiler isn’t working well or if you want to new boiler installation it. We’ll guide you in choosing the best boiler and heating system. Our team will install everything properly and, ensuring safety.


Boiler Repairing & Replacement

At K B Plumbing and Heating, we’re here to assist if your old boiler isn’t working properly or needs boiler repairs. We’ll help you choose the right boiler and heating system. Our professional team will fix everything correctly to ensure safety. If your boiler needs replacing, we can handle that too, making sure your home stays warm and comfortable. We’re here to keep your heating system running smoothly.

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Plumbing Repairs

Landloard Gas Safety Certificate

Plumbing Installations

Power Flushing

Boiler Replacement

Emergency Gas Leak

This Is How We Work As Heating Engineers

K B Plumbing & Heating is certified British gas service and provide high-quality boiler services, boiler installations, and boiler repairs throughout Basingstoke, ensuring the safety of your family and property. We aimed to offer regular maintenance guarantees that your boiler stays dependable, avoids breakdowns, and operates efficiently, leading to cost savings.

Identify any faults

Clean boiler parts if necessary

Check main boiler components: burner, heat exchanger, spark electrode

Conduct a gas tightness test to ensure no gas leaks*

Verify sealing of flue terminals and internal flue components

Analyze burner combustion for efficiency

K B Plumbing Heating New Boiler Repair In Basingstoke

Why Need Your Boiler Serviced?

At K B Plumbing & Heating Boiler Services we’re here to help you with your boilers servicing, repairing, and installation in Basingstoke and nearby area all year long. 

Lately, the weather in Basingstoke has been a bit unpredictable, so it’s become common to schedule an annual boiler service before winter arrives. Most households need this regular check.

Boilers are like the unsung heroes of modern Basingstoke homes because they provide heat and hot water. But, many of us tend to forget about them until they start acting up. It’s a good idea to hire a trained professional for boiler service in Basingstoke. We offer this service for as little as £75. 

Perfect Boiler Service In Basingstoke

We offer top-notch gas safe registered local boiler services to customers in Basingstoke and the surrounding regions. Not sure if we serve your area? No worries! Just dial 07740 874 614, and we’ll guide you. We’re also available for same-day solutions to address any boiler problems, repairs, or faults you may have.


The main benefit of boiler service on time, it helps make your home warm and safe, especially in the winter season. So, if there is a need for a full boiler serviced, immediately call 🤙 gas safe registered, professional, and experienced local heating engineer, K B Plumbing & Heating.

  • Efficiency Boost Up: Regular servicing keeps your boiler in top shape, making it work better. This means less energy use and lower utility bills.
  • Longinblity: Routine check-ups catch problems early, helping your boiler last longer. This saves you money by delaying the need for an expensive replacement.
  • Safety: Boiler services include checks for gas leaks and carbon monoxide. Fixing these issues promptly keeps your home or workplace safe, reducing the risk of accidents and health problems.
  • Regulation Compliance: Regular servicing ensures your system meets safety and environmental rules. This is vital for landlords and businesses to follow the law and avoid penalties.
  • Top-notch Performance: A well-maintained boiler works smoothly, giving you consistent and reliable heating. This is especially important in cold months to avoid inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Insurance Compliance: Some insurance policies need regular boiler servicing. Annual service checks help maintain your coverage and prevent issues with claims.
  • Make Feel Warm And Safe: Knowing your boiler is regularly serviced and in good shape brings peace of mind. You can trust in the reliability and safety of your heating system, especially when it’s needed most in the colder months.
  • Better Heating: A well-maintained boiler provides superior heating performance, ensuring your home or business stays warm and comfortable. This is crucial, especially in regions with harsh winters.


  • Can I service my own boiler?

    Fixing your boiler is risky if you're not a Gas Safe engineer. The Gas Safe Register is there for a good reason, and the risks are too great. Gas can be dangerous, so stay away from it unless you're Gas Safe!

  • How often should a home boiler be serviced?

    It's necessary to have your boiler inspected every year to make sure it's working fine and doesn't have any water or gas leaks. If you skip this, your boiler might not work well, it could stop working, or you might lose the warranty.

  • Is a boiler service worth it?

    Keeping your boiler in good shape is important for making it work better. If you regularly check and fix any possible problems, you can prevent your boiler from breaking down. To keep your boiler warranty valid, it's recommended to get it serviced every 12 months.

  • What does a full boiler service include?

    Every year, a engineer will begin by visually inspecting the boiler and pipes to make sure they are installed and positioned correctly. After that, the technician will check if the boiler is working properly and identify any initial issues. Following this, they will take off the boiler casing to examine its parts.